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A legislator from the Democratic State of Maryland was dismissed after charges were laid against her that she described Prince George County as a "***** District" last month.

What are the details?

Harford County, Mary Ann Lisanti, reportedly used the term when he went out with a group for happy hour at an Annapolis cigar bar. according to The Washington PostThose present stated that Lisanti told a white colleague that when he had campaigned for a candidate in the county before the midterm elections, he went door-to-door in a "district of ** *** ".

Lisanti initially said that she did not remember making the comment (or many other things that evening), but she apologized to the leaders of the Black Legislative Caucus from Maryland when she was confronted. Earlier this month, the Post asked her if she had ever used the N keyword, she replied, "I'm sure to have it … I'm sure everyone l & 39; I used the keyword I used the name of the Lord in vain. "

On Tuesday, House Speaker Michael Busch dismissed Lisanti as Speaker of the House Subcommittee on Unemployment Insurance.
the Baltimore sun reported.

Busch told the Sun: "I hope that through awareness training that delegate Lisanti has accepted and with the help of her colleagues, she will develop a better understanding of the impact that she has. she had on her fellow legislators and on the whole House of Delegates. "

He added: "As anyone who has made a mistake, she has the opportunity to be redeemed, but it is incumbent on her to do so and regain the trust of her colleagues."

During the afternoon, Lisanti issued a statement in which she acknowledged that she had actually used that word:

My sincere apologies to the people of my district, to the people of Maryland, to all my colleagues at the Maryland General Assembly, and to everyone who reads this for my choice of words several weeks ago. I am disgusted that a word that is not in my vocabulary has come out of my mouth. It does not represent my belief system, the work of my life or what is in my heart.

Nothing else?

Zilpha Smith, president of the NAACP branch of Harford County, told the Sun that she was denigrating the news.

"As an African-American community in Harford County, we have supported [Lisanti] most of the time, to be elected delegate to the General Assembly in Annapolis, "she said. It's appalling. I'm mad. I'm really angry. You never know what people feel in their heart. "